Expectations of the Participant

 The candidate will:

  • Maintain a weekly log that will enable them to reflect upon their experiences and how they can be used to develop themselves as a coach.
  • Prepare a report, and separate presentation, on how
they plan on using the information gathered during the experience to further their professional development as well as the development of basketball in their country. Participants will make a presentation at the conclusion of the program to their fellow participants and then to their respective Basketball Federation and National Olympic Committee upon returning home.
  • Interview the professionals from the different aspects of the university and intercollegiate athletic departments who interact with the basketball program (e.g., athletic director, marketing director, sports information director, academic advisor, facilities manager, etc.).
  • Interview the coach from the host university on the philosophy of coaching, leadership style, ethics of coaching, and the role of the coach in American sport. The candidate will subsequently prepare a written report on the interview.
  • Participate in a weekly online presentation/discussion with ICAB Director
  • If an opportunity presents itself the candidate will make a presentation to athletic teams, community groups, local high schools, or university classes by giving an overview of sport, basketball, and life in their home country
  • Attend and or participate in any activities deemed of value by the host.
Duquesne Women's basketball team and coaches

Expectations of Host University

The apprenticeship host site will be asked to:

  • Allow the candidate to observe training and practice sessions and participate if applicable.
  • Sit behind or on the bench during scrimmages and contests to observe timeouts and halftime talks.
  • If applicable, allow the participant to travel to at least one away contest with the team.
  • Allow candidates to shadow members of the coaching staff in those activities/responsibilities away from training that would be deemed appropriate (e.g., staff meetings, individual workouts, strength and conditioning sessions, video breakdown sessions, press conferences, speaking engagements with external groups, etc.).
  • Facilitate discussion with the candidate on sport-specific coaching topics with members of the staff.
  • Share information on sport-specific coaching resources such as DVDs, books, practice plans, talks, and articles and when applicable and appropriate making copies for the participant
  • Direct coaches to coaching development opportunities away from the site (e.g., coaching clinics, visiting other knowledgeable coaches).
  • Develop a schedule for the participant to interact with all of the different aspects of the athletic department of which the program is a part. This will be an educational experience for the participants for they will gain a better understanding of the intercollegiate athletic environment. They can be asked to report on each of these visits.
  • Provide recommendations on the candidate’s report that must be completed to successfully complete the Apprenticeship
  • The sites visits would include:
    • Sports Information and Publicity Other Sport Coaches
    • Academic Student Support
    • Sport Marketing
    • Strength and Conditioning Staff
    • Day with Student Athlete
    • Sport Medicine
    • University Admissions Office
    • Compliance Coordinator
    • Athletic Director/ Administration
    • Video Coordinator
    • Event and Facility Operations
    • Faculty Athletics Representative
  • Provide recommendations on the candidate’s report that must be completed to successfully complete the Apprenticeship.

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