IAEM Headquarters is maintaining a list of IAEM members who have a current student membership and wish to be considered for a student registration fee stipend in the amount of $300 (early bird rate) which can be used towards either the registration fee or to help support travel expenses to attend the IAEM 2017 Annual Conference in Long Beach, California.   Students should e-mail their interest to be considered for the registration fee stipend lottery to IAEM Membership Manager Sharon Kelly at info@iaem.com no later than Monday, September 18, 2017, along with the following information:


Complete contact information:

University you are attending:



Notifications will be sent via email by September 22.  If selected, in order to claim the stipend you will be required to do the following:

1) Complete an online registration form and obtain a registration number no later than October 6, 2017.  In the payment section please select “pay by check” and then complete the registration process.  If selected the funds will be posted to your registration once the conference has concluded.   You can pay for any additional registration fees once the payment has been posted to your record.  You will receive an email letting you know how much you owe if you have a remaining balance due.


2) Notify IAEM headquarters by email that you will accept the stipend by October 4, 2017.  Your acceptance must include your conference registration number and proof of registration for the Fall 2017 semester (or equivalent) at your University.  This can be a copy of your class schedule, university proof of enrollment, etc.


3) Participate in a group picture during the Annual Conference (date, time and location to be determined).   You will receive from IAEM HQ a reimbursement form to complete and return to IAEM staff for processing.


4) Attend the Student Council Meeting at the Annual Conference (see conference program for details).




Reminder:  IAEM student members can sign up as conference staff during the online registration process to help work off / reduce your registration fee.   This is a great opportunity to get involved, support the overall mission of the conference, all while networking with other emergency management professionals.  Conference staff will receive a $25 registration fee discount for each hour worked. You will not be compensated for any hours worked which exceed the value of the registration fee, nor will you be compensated if you are unable to work the hours assigned to you.