IAEM@UD hosts a variety of events throughout the year, from speakers to workshops.

Speaker Series

The speaker series brings in practitioners and researchers from the private, nonprofit, volunteer, and government sectors to engage with students on issues in emergency management – a chapter initiative that supplements members’ coursework and offers opportunities for networking.

Professional Development

Each semester we host at least one event geared toward helping our members develop their professional experience. They range from tips with the career search to skill-building though educational opportunities.

Field Trips

Visiting important emergency management related locations provides a practical experience to our theoretical understanding of emergency work. By gaining a better understanding of the work emergency managers do each day can we better prepare to serve our communities of the future.

Community Engagement

An important part of IAEM is working within our local community. Each semester we strive to host two different forms of community engagement from educational initiatives to community service. Not only are we working to become better emergency managers and researchers, but help give back to the community who help support us.

Interested in presenting in the IAEM@UD’s Speaker Series or assessing with another one of our events? Contact us!

For the current schedule and locations for upcoming events check out our Eventbrite page.