IAEM@UD Student Chapter

a professional organization devoted to advancing the art and science of emergency management

IAEM@UD is the University of Delaware’s student chapter of the International Association of Emergency Managers. In keeping with the principles of the profession, emergency management blends theory and practice for addressing urgent social problems related to risk, hazard, and disaster.

Housed within the Disaster Research Center, IAEM@UD undertakes a number of educational and service-oriented activities in four main areas:

  • Contributions to the profession
  • Enhancing student education
  • Professional development
  • Community service
How do we do this? 
  • Host dynamic speakers in practice and research
  • Go on fun, interactive field trips
  • Give back to the community

Disaster impact everyone, so our membership is not limited to future emergency managers or disaster researchers. We invite people from ALL fields of study to enhance our discussions and help encourage interdisciplinary thinking.

Future educator, how do you prepare schools and students are closures due to a disaster?

Future entrepreneur, how will you prepare your business for a disaster?

Join us so we can learn together on how to build more resilient communities. 

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