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1 Papers / Publications

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1 Papers / Publications

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1 Papers / Publications
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Great findings Keith! My favorite was using the RO reject stream for cooling tower make up water. Big financial savings and over 3 million gallons of water saved will certainly impact your WUR in a positive way. It would be great to see this prioritized out of the list since WUR is the metric that has seen the worst upward trend. Silver Spring team, let us know if you need support with this.
Brandi Collignon

Environmental Affairs Sr Manager, Coca Cola, January 2023

Thanks again for you and your team’s hard work. I’ve shared your reporting with the other management here and I’m sure there will be questions, clarifications, and other musings to follow.
Victor Tabeling

Sales and Marketing Manager, Applied Diamond, Inc., March 2021

Thank you for this detailed report! We at Eagle Group really appreciate the time and effort you have all put into this on our behalf. Had we hired a firm to do this work for us, it would have cost us thousands of dollars, so we are very appreciative of the work the entire team has put into this. I will review it in more detail over the next week.
Rick Murphy

Eagle Group, August 2022