Reliving a bridge load test in “real-time” at UD Decision Days!

Sajjad Safari (PhD Student) and KJ Olsen (Undergraduate Chair’s Fellow) helped host and explain to prospective students and their parents some of the on-going research in the Head Research Group at UD’s Decision Day on Saturday, February 26th! Sajjad displayed a previous load test of a bridge in “real-time” to show how we are using digital imaging and video post-processing to enhance the current state-of-the-art using non-contact sensor measurements. KJ displayed his samples of thermoset plastics that are grinded to fine particles to replace sand in concrete, thereby using materials in a more sustainable way without compromising the compressive strength of concrete! Stay tuned for more of their results!

Sajjad Safari receives SEI Student Scholarship!

headshot image of Sajjad SafariCongratulations, Sajjad, who is the recipient of the SEI Student Scholarship to participate at Structures Congress April 20-23 in Atlanta!  The award includes complimentary Student registration (>$305 value), economy airfare within U.S. with 14-day advance purchase, and per diem up to $135 per night (toward lodging and any other cost) up to four nights April 20-23 for the conference.  Conference highlights include participating in in a welcome orientation at 2pm on April 20th, the SEI Student Initiatives Committee meeting at 3pm, another SEI committee meeting of your choice (schedule to be announced at, the SEI President’s Reception at 6pm, the Meet the Leaders Program 7am April 21, and conference program through Closing Lunch April 23. See full program info at Well done, Sajjad, and what a great opportunity!

Sensor verification using shake table testing @NHERI Lehigh

Small Group Workshop @NHERI Lehigh was a success from Jan. 5-7, 2022. Shake table testing was also conducted to verify our displacement vision-based measurements and accelerometers at varying frequencies using predefined motions and scaled earthquake records. Not pictured here but we also collected preliminary data from hybrid simulation tests to characterize fluid viscous dampers (FVDs), which exhibit nonlinear behavior.