Updated 2/3/2023: **All the positions in the Head Research Group for Fall 2023 have been filled to date. More positions may become available starting the Spring 2024 semester, pending funding of submitted proposals. Thank you for expressing your interest. –Dr. Head (email: head@udel.edu)

  • headshot image of Sajjad Safari

The Head Research Group addresses real-world challenges related to structural resilience, especially during earthquakes, using  numerical simulations and in some cases scaled structural testing for condition assessment and to develop performance-based design methodologies.  Dr. Head has secured competitive state and federal research funding, which enables the group to make novel contributions in three (3) core and cutting-edge areas:

  1. structural monitoring and condition assessment using load testing and vision-based measurements to evaluate structural behavior and create “digital twins”
  2. seismic assessment of buildings to predict peak floor accelerations during earthquakes using a machine learning approach
  3. coastal infrastructure assessment due to extreme weather-related events, saltwater intrusion, and how nature-based solutions may mitigate these impacts
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