Emergency and Environmental Management

Japan Hospital

The Department of Sociology at the University of Delaware offers its undergraduate majors the opportunity to concentrate their study in emergency and environmental management.  While majoring in sociology, these students have the exciting opportunity to receive a strong sociological foundation in their understanding of the issues facing professionals in the emergency and environmental management area. At the same time, this concentration provides students with broad, interdisciplinary education, drawing from relevant courses in economics, geography, communications, geology, history, political science, public policy, and anthropology.  What’s more, our students receive practical, in-field experience with public and private agencies concerned with their area of interest.  This undergraduate program provides the student with an excellent theoretical and practical education in his or her career field.

Interested in becoming a concentration student? Interested in hosting a student for a practicum? Want to learn more? Explore the concentration website and learn about the wonderful things happening at the University of Delaware and the valuable contributions our graduates are making!

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