Officer Meeting – August 16, 2021

Meeting date: 8/16/2021

Attendee: Mike, Anthony, Shweta, Yasmin, Jasmine



1) Reservation of spot in AP BIO pharma for orientation program:

2) Udairy order: Anthony will take the lead.

3) BiSA face mask: $5 per mask. Need to think whether to make it or not.

4) BiSA logo competition:

  • Rules: should be computer generated
  • Deadline: September 24

5) Sign-up sheet for student to get information about meeting, program.

6) Yasmin provides full list of swags and pamphlet to use in resource fair.

7) Mike: will get all stuff from Andrea on Friday and work with Yasmin for packing up.

8) Jasmine: set up information for BISA logo competition and website.

Next meeting Monday: 3pm.

Meeting at 2:15 pm on Aug 24 for the resource fair.

Officer Meeting – August 13, 2021

Meeting :8/13/2021

Attendee: Kareen Hoober, Andrea, Yasmin, Anthony, Shweta


Orientation program:

  • food: UD catering required: approx. student:25
  • contact APBio Room reservations: Tracy Walsh: outdoor and indoor
  • swag: meeting Andrea to see what we can distribute
  • things that can be distributed in public event: Vouchers, 1,2, items of swag


finance issue:

  • for data carpentry: raise fund from INBRE.
  • For other program: 2500$ allocated.
  • Charged to respective purpose code
  • Alcohol not included in BiSA expenditure
  • If personal credit card included contact Andrea for reimbursement.


Suggested programs:

  • Alumni spotlight

Officer Meeting – August 9, 2021

Meeting: 8/9/2021

Members: Michael, Yasmin, Anthony, Shweta, Jasmine


  • Bisa website: Jasmine contact Dr. Hoober
  • Slide edited by mike to present in orientation
  • Planning for orientation to increase interaction: ice cream
  • Swag for resource fair.
  • Ask Andrea about swag to distribute in orientation.
  • Instagram: Jasmine will take care of it
  • Yasmin: contact Dr. Hoober asking about orientation location.
  • Program timeline: orientation, career fair, carpentry workshop, seminars
  • Seminar speaker: Mike will contact
  • Some general session to discuss exams, courses, assignments.
  • Anthony: email udairy about ice cream

Officer Meeting – August 4, 2021

Meeting: 8/4/2021

Present: Michael, Anthony, Shweta



  • Graduate orientation:
  • Update website: Need to discuss in next meeting
  • Update power point: Mike will update it
  • Working on grant
  • Program timeline: Further discuss about program timeline in next meeting
  • Next meeting scheduled: 9th august

Officer Meeting – June 26, 2021

Meeting date: 7/26/2021


Michael, Adam, Yasmin, Anthony, Shweta


  • Bisa logo change
  • Swag
  • Funding/budget
  • Programs planning: 1 program per month
  • Set up table on Aug 24th, graduate student involvement fair.
  • Apply for Pro card for expenses.
  • Social media person to handle fb, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn

Meeting next week: at 3 pm, in person, Star campus.