Officer Meeting – August 13, 2021

Meeting :8/13/2021

Attendee: Kareen Hoober, Andrea, Yasmin, Anthony, Shweta


Orientation program:

  • food: UD catering required: approx. student:25
  • contact APBio Room reservations: Tracy Walsh: outdoor and indoor
  • swag: meeting Andrea to see what we can distribute
  • things that can be distributed in public event: Vouchers, 1,2, items of swag


finance issue:

  • for data carpentry: raise fund from INBRE.
  • For other program: 2500$ allocated.
  • Charged to respective purpose code
  • Alcohol not included in BiSA expenditure
  • If personal credit card included contact Andrea for reimbursement.


Suggested programs:

  • Alumni spotlight
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