Engineers Without Borders: Students making a difference

On this episode of Campus Voices, we sat down with Engineers Without Borders president Sarah Hartman and project managers Meredith Simon-Pearson and Natalie Muneses. During our interview, Sarah talked to us about the enormous time and effort students put into the program in order to help ameliorate conditions in developing communities.

The University of Delaware’s Engineers Without Borders chapter is currently working on two projects in Malawi and the Philippines. Both these projects focus on helping communities find and/or clean dirty water that they can use to survive. The chapter will be hosting a fundraiser at the Harker ISE Lab on April 20th at 6:30 p.m.

The Interview

Sarah Hartman, Meredith Simon-Pearson and Natalie Muneses, recorded on March 15, 2017. First aired on April 6, 2017.
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About our guests

Sarah Hartman is currently a senior Environmental Engineering major. She worked as project manager for two and a half years before becoming the chapter president for Engineers Without Borders.

Meredith Simon-Pearson is the project manager for the Engineers Without Borders project in Malawi. She received her BA in Art History from Oberlin College and is currently pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering with minors in Mathematics and Environmental Engineering.

Natalie Muneses is currently overseeing the Philippines project for the UD Engineers Without Borders chapter. She is a junior Biomedical Engineering student. Natalie’s Filipino roots and familial connections have facilitated their work in the Philippines.

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