WVUD’s 50th Anniversary: Meet the Station Managers

For all of 2018, the University of Delaware is celebrating 50 years of radio. As the first installment of our 50th anniversary shows, Campus Voices welcomed Steve Kramarck and Dave Mackenzie. We asked them to share about their involvement at WVUD as students and as management, they discussed the changes in the University over their years here and specifically the changes that radio has seen, including improved equipment, and our guests reminisced on the unique combination of student involvement and community volunteers that makes WVUD special.


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About our Guests

Steve Kramarck is currently the Associate Director for University Student Centers and Station Manager of WVUD.  As a student member of WXDR/WVUD, Steve was a part of the Overnight, Java Time, and Sports shows while filling in for numerous other shows.  He held leadership roles including Training Director, Sports Director, and Java Time Block Coordinator.  In addition to his current work and student involvement, Steve has hosted a holiday special on the station that will reach its 30th year in December.

David Mackenzie is WVUD’s Chief Engineer. He has served UD radio in two separate eras, adding valuable contributions to each. As a tech savvy student, Dave was an important part of WDRB and WXDR. Dave’s roles as Training Director and Assistant Chief Engineer and his commercial radio experience helped to keep a very young radio station on the air and flourishing. Many years later, as a professional broadcast engineer, Dave returned to what was now WVUD. Under Dave’s guidance, WVUD’s studios reached a point where they surpassed most of the commercial radio facilities in the area. Dave was also the main force behind the move to 6,800 watts and the addition of HD radio.

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