WVUD at 50: Meet the DJs

WVUD celebrated the 50th anniversary of its first broadcast on October 21. Congratulations to us! This week on Campus Voices we use this occasion to speak with four long-time WVUD community members: Steven Leech, Carl Goldstein, Gloria James, and Steve Klinge. They discuss how they got involved with WVUD and share memories about the station’s evolution over the years. (Gloria relates a particularly surprising anecdote about her listeners.) They also talk about WVUD’s connections to the communities it serves, what keeps them coming back to WVUD as volunteers, and what makes WVUD great.

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Bonus Material: 1968 and 2018 General Managers

About Our Guests

Carl Goldstein arrived at WXDR in 1977 as the host of the Saturday morning “Fire on the Mountain” program. Carl was already established as an enthusiastic supporter of old time music, having founded the Brandywine Friends of Old Time Music group in 1971. Carl saw the WXDR (and later WVUD) program as an extension of his work in preserving this particular brand of music. Carl’s programs provide the listeners with access to performances and interviews by Bluegrass and Country legends that they cannot get anywhere else.

Gloria James has been one of the most recognizable voices on WVUD for close to three decades. Through her weekly Avenue C program (now Mellow Madness), Gloria provides an exciting take on the jazz genre, while also carving out time to provide spotlight opportunities for local musicians and performers of all ages.  She often represents the station at events such as Community Day or Ag Day.

Steve Klinge started doing radio as a student at Dickinson College in 1978. He started at WXDR when he came to UD as a graduate student in English in 1982 and started All Tomorrow’s Parties in 1987. He teaches English at Archmere Academy in Claymont, Delaware. He also writes about pop music for the Philadelphia Inquirer and other publications.

“Even” Steven Leech has been a fixture at WVUD since 1984. Although primarily known for his Saturday morning “Bop Time” show, Steven’s reach goes far beyond just playing music from decades gone by. In addition to his 50s and 60s expertise, Steven has also given the spotlight to local jazz, poetry (via Dreamstreets), and alternative literature through some of his program segments or summer/winter radio shows. Steven has served WVUD as Community Representative on three different occasions, striving to help connect our station to the community that surrounds it.

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Carl Goldstein: Fire on the Mountain (Saturdays 10am-12pm)
Gloria James: Mellow Madness (Sundays 5-7 pm)
Steve Klinge: All Tomorrow’s Parties (Tuesdays 8-10 pm)
“Even Steven” Leech: Bop Time (Saturdays 6-10 am)

Ally Delaney: Host, producer, audio editor
Bill Barnett: Web page editor