Trevor Dawes: Vice Provost for Libraries and Museums and May Morris University Librarian

Trevor DawesOn July 1, Trevor A. Dawes began serving as Vice Provost for Libraries and Museums and May Morris University Librarian
at the University of Delaware. In mid-August, he stopped by WVUD to introduce himself to the campus.

According to University President Dennis Assanis, “Trevor Dawes has the vision, energy and drive to inspire learning, scholarly inquiry, cultural and artistic interactions and service in an environment dedicated to the open exchange of ideas and information. Under his direction, the University’s libraries, museums and press will continue to meet the changing needs and interests of our students, our faculty and our community. I look forward to having him on our leadership team.”

In our conversation, Dawes talked about how important it is that the Library be a strong collaborator with the entire campus and the larger community; he talked about library outreach programs and ways the UD Library can help the entire state. He also discussed how the Library can go beyond being a “repository of knowledge.” It acts as a steward of important special collections of primary resources AND of scholarly databases, helps faculty teach critical thinking to their students, and plays a critical part in promoting discussions of diversity. Dawes urged listeners to celebrate Banned Books Week (Sep. 25 – Oct 1, 2016)–an opportunity to explore the diversity of material that libraries make available to universities, schools, communities, scholars, and private citizens.

Check out the interview linked below to meet a man who started off as a work-study student in university library, and is now cool enough to lead the University of Delaware Library, Museums, and Press.

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Trevor Dawes, recorded Aug. 19, 2016. First aired Sep. 1, 2016.

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