Biomimicry and Science at Home

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BIOMIMICRY is the science and art of emulating Nature’s best biological ideas to solve human problems
Sometimes the best solution to a complex problem is not a new one.  In the animal and plant world, nature has had millennia to devise solutions through trial and error.  Biomimicry is a method for finding solutions to human problems through inspiration by ideas and designs found in nature. 

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Take a look at these easy, interesting activities that can be accomplished at home

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ADDITIONAL RESOURCES – click this link to learn more about biomimicry and science activities you can do at home.


This site is part of the National Science Foundation’s PIRE (Partnership for International Research and Education):  Bio-inspired Materials and Systems.  In addition to international collaboration on research and education, the PIRE program also has the mission to reach  young learners to excite their interest in science and technology.

Researchers in this Bio-inspired PIRE Program are looking at lessons from nature to develop new materials, such as:

  • materials that mimic the strength of spider silk
  • materials that can change shape or size in response to moisture or some other stimulus
  • materials that can act as artificial nerve fibers and can be made to switch on and off
  • and using the materials created, to advance the development of soft robots as well as other applications.



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