Student Bills

When/how will you receive the student’s bill?

At this time, the University of Delaware ELI is unable to include bills in the ELI Welcome Package with the student’s I-20 form. Instead, bills are sent out by email approximately 2 weeks before the session begins. This will be changing very soon–so keep watching your email for an announcement about billing process changes!

For now, you and your student will receive a copy of his/her bill by email (using the email addresses that you provided to us on the student application).

How to pay the bill

The University of Delaware ELI offers several types of bill payment options, including

Credit card: Students can pay by credit card using our secure online payment system. Click here to access the web payment portal.

Payment Method More Information
Credit Card

Students can pay by credit card using our secure online payment system.

Wire Transfer

Students can pay their bill via bank wire transfer.


When the students arrive in Delaware, they have an opportunity to pay their bill in cash.

  • Note: We do not recommend that the students travel with large amounts of cash, as the money can easily be lost in airports while the students are traveling.
Money Order
Traveler’s Check

Students can pay using a personal check, money order, or traveler’s check.

  • Each of these payment types must be in US dollars.
  • Checks/money orders should be made payable to the University of Delaware.
  • Checks must be drawn from a US-based bank.
  • Traveler’s checks should be in small denominations only.

Important Information about the Bill

  • The University of Delaware ELI is unable to use the gross/net invoice system. This means that we will not send you two invoices, a gross invoice and a net invoice, for the purposes of paying your commission. You will only receive the net bill for this student, and the total amount of this bill must be paid to the ELI (your agency cannot withhold a percentage of this bill in order to obtain the commission).
  • Bill payments are due by no later than the first day of the student’s program. Students who do not pay their bill on time will receive a $50 late fee and will not be able to begin their classes on time.
  • Please read the ELI’s Refund Policy.
  • If you have a question about the bill, contact the ELI Financial Office at

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