Wire Transfer Instructions

If you would like to make a payment to the ELI via international bank wire transfer, please use this information.

Follow these instructions very carefully. Failure to follow these exact instructions could cause a delay or a major problem in the processing of your payment.

Bank information

  • Bank Name: M&T Rodney Square North
  • Location: 1100 North Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19890-001 USA
  • Account Number: 1034-8250
  • SWIFT Code:  MANTUS33 (or MANTUS33INT)
  • CHIPS ID:  0555
  • For Credit To:  University of Delaware General Operating
  • Attention:  Cashiers Office (302) 831-8102


Important information

1. Please be sure to write the following information on the wire transfer instructions:

  • The student’s full name (as it appears on his/her passport) and University of Delaware student ID number
  • Department name: English Language Institute

This is very important so the University can identify your funds when they arrive.


2. You must send a receipt of the wire transfer to the ELI.

We use this receipt as proof that you have sent the payment. You can send the receipt by e-mail to ud-eli@udel.edu or by fax at +1-302-831-6765.


3. Bring a copy of the receipt with you to the ELI.

You may be required to show this receipt at any time as proof of payment.


Wire Transfer Fee Assessment

When a wire transfer is initiated, your originating bank can directly wire the funds to M & T Bank. You may be assessed a fee by your bank. If your bank uses an intermediary bank (usually a New York Bank), the intermediary bank may also assess a fee (approx.$10-$30) which is your responsibility to pay.

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