ACE & COVID-19: We expect to offer ACE classes online in Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and Summer 2022. In-person attendance in some classes in possible, subject to UD’s coronavirus guidelines. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What are the participation requirements?

Participants must have at least an undergraduate degree. There are no other requirements for participation. However, in order to earn an additional certificate as a Teacher of English Learners/Bilingual Teacher in Delaware, you must hold a teaching license. The ACE program will not qualify you for an initial teaching license. Educators in other states, private schools, or higher education should consult their own institutions to see whether ACE will benefit them.

How can I register or receive additional information?

Please complete the registration form. If you have specific questions, please contact us.

How long does the course of study take?

It is possible to complete the program in approximately 15-18 months. Special arrangements may be possible to fit your individual circumstances (e.g. availability during the summer vacations) — please discuss these with the ACE coordinator when enrolling.

What is the cost of tuition?

  • Tuition for the 2021/22 school year will be $750/credit, or $2250 per course.

Is there any tuition assistance available?

  • The College of Education and Human Development waives* the tuition for the 5th and final course in the ACE sequence (a $2250 value). Participants must take all five courses at UD in order to qualify for the waiver. (*The waiver is under negotiation and not guaranteed for the 2021/22 cohort. Please check back for updates.)
  • Teachers who hold emergency certification as a Teacher of English Learners can apply for the State Critical Needs Scholarship* once per Fall and Spring semester upon successful completion of a course.
  • Some districts have tuition reimbursement funds or have made special arrangements to support ACE teachers.  Contact your HR administrator for more information.
  • Additional professional-development funding may be available from your school or district.

What is the Critical Needs Scholarship?

Teaching English Learners is defined by the State of Delaware as a critical need. The state has set aside funds to help public school teachers earn certification in these areas. To be eligible for the Critical Needs Scholarship (CNS), you need to be a full-time Delaware teacher with emergency certification as a Teacher of English Learners. Only your district can request emergency certification, which must be approved by DOE, and it is not appropriate for all teachers. Please discuss your situation with your school or district administrators.

Please note that the CNS is administered by DOE and not by UD. The CNS program provides tuition reimbursement for up to one 3-credit course per Fall and Spring semester upon successful completion and is subject to the availability of funds (that is, the actual reimbursement may be less than the full cost of tuition). Full details about the CNS are provided on this Department of Education web page.

Please note:

  • Tuition arrangements must be made before the start of the semester (payment plans are available), but CNS reimbursement is paid out after the end of the semester.
  • The CNS is not (yet) available in the summer.
  • In 2021/22, we expect the CNS will reimburse $1300 per course; however, this figure is a good-faith estimate and not a guarantee of funding.

Do I need to take the PRAXIS II Test?

Yes. Per Delaware Department of Education regulations, to receive a certificate as a Teacher of English Learners, you must score a minimum of 149 on the Praxis II ESOL test (5362).

I teach in a charter school. Can I apply for ACE, and am I eligible for the same funding?

Yes. Contact your school administrators about emergency certification.

I teach in a private or parochial school in Delaware or a public/private/charter/parochial school in a different state. Can I apply for ACE?

Yes. There is no difference in the tuition rate. Please contact your administrators about additional funding.

I teach in a Delaware public school, but I live outside the state. Can I apply for ACE and receive funding?

Yes. There is no difference in the tuition rate.

I am a paraprofessional or tutor without a current Delaware K-12 teaching license. Can I apply for ACE to become a licensed and certified teacher?

No. ACE is an additional certification program for currently licensed Delaware teachers. Please contact your school or district ESL coordinator to discuss possible routes to certification. UD offers both undergraduate and graduate programs that lead to teaching licensure with ESL certification, including the MA in Teaching English as a Second Language and the Alternate Routes to Certification (ARTC) program.

ARTC candidates seeking ESOL certification and licensure may be able to take ACE classes as part of their program. Contact Frank Livoy, the ARTC coordinator, for more information (livoy@udel.edu).

If you are currently a paraprofessional but hold a valid Delaware teaching license, you are welcome to participate in ACE. Please contact us to confirm eligibility.

I am not eligible for the Critical Needs Scholarship, but I am a licensed Delaware teacher. Can I still apply for ACE?

Yes. Please discuss your situation with your district ESL or immersion coordinator and contact your HR department to see if other funding is available.

I have already taken one or more of the required ESL/Bilingual courses at UD or an another accredited university, either as an undergraduate or graduate student. Do I need to take them again?

Please contact DDOE’s Licensing Office to confirm whether your previous courses will count towards certification. However, UD might not allow you to transfer courses taken at other universities or for other degrees towards the MA TESL. Please contact the coordinator to discuss your situation. The fifth-course waiver does not apply if you have taken some of the courses at another university.

Can I start my Master’s degree with ACE?

Yes! All 5 ACE courses are also part of UD’s MA in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). ACE teachers can apply to the MA TESL during their first courses. If admitted, teachers can take the remaining regular MA TESL courses part-time and expect to complete the degree in approximately 2.5 years from start to finish. Note that four of the remaining courses are only offered on the UD campus in Newark (online options may be available). The GRE test is not required for MA TESL admission.

Teachers who do not have a qualifying Master’s degree registered in DEEDS are able to apply to the MA TESL for the purpose of earning a +15/30 salary step and are not required to complete the degree.

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