Cohort 6 (2020)

Here is the schedule of courses for the 2020-2021 cohort. All classes are online until at least Summer 2021.

Semester Dates Course Funding*
Fall 2020 Mondays, 5-8pm, Sep 7 – Dec 7 EDUC 672: Methods of Teaching ESL CNS
Spring 2021 Wednesdays, 5-8pm, Feb 17 – May 12 EDUC 740: Literacy for ELs CNS
Summer 2021 June 7 – July 9
(Tuesdays & Thursdays 5-7pm + asynchronous work)
LING 699: Second Language Acquisition & Bilingualism Self or district
Fall 2021 to be confirmed LING 677: Structure of English CNS
Fall 2021 to be confirmed LLCU 624: L2 Testing UD course waiver

* Funding information is provided as an example. Your situation may vary. The Critical Needs Scholarship (CNS) is only available to teachers with emergency certification in ESL. Note that tuition must be paid at the start of the semester (UD policies), but reimbursement typically is paid at the end. Contact your district about local tuition reimbursement and ACE scholarship programs.

If you would like to continue in the UD MA TESL degree, please apply by May 1, 2021. You may transfer a maximum of 9 credits taken as a nondegree student into a UD graduate degree.

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