New Rootstock Protects Watermelons Against Fusarium and Root Knot Nematoes

Gordon Johnson, Extension Vegetable & Fruit Specialist; Delmarva watermelon growers have challenges from two soil borne pests, Fusarium Wilt, and Southern Root Knot nematodes. Current management practices include long rotations with non-hosts, soil applied fungicides and soil applied nematicides.… Continue Reading

Diseases of Cucurbit Seedlings

Jake Jones, Extension Agriculture Agent, Kent County; Gummy Stem blight is caused by Stagonosporopsis spp. and can occur on cucurbit crops and seedlings. It can be introduced from infected seed or seedlings, highlighting the importance of greenhouse and field… Continue Reading

Diseases Affecting Soybean Production

Nathan Kleczewski, Extension Specialist – Plant Pathology;; @Delmarplantdoc Diseases significantly impact soybean production throughout the United States. In Delaware, diseases such as Soybean Cyst Nematode, Root Knot Nematode, and stem canker can cause significant annual yield losses. Plant pathologists… Continue Reading

2014 Fungicide Registration Updates

Kate Everts, Vegetable Pathologist, University of Delaware and University of Maryland; The 2014 version of the Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations is available in print, for purchase, from you county extension educator. In addition, the “Recommendations” are available online from… Continue Reading