Farm School Program

Are you interested in learning how to farm?

Through this program, funded by a grant from USDA, DSU Cooperative Extension provides veterans and socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers with expertise to acquire and operating successful farms, and knowledge of available USDA programs.  DSU Extension staff will provide educational opportunities and technical assistance to help new and beginning farmers enhance their skills in farm sustainability.

This program includes three phases.

Phase One – New Farmer
DSU Farm School’s first phase will start with
two classes per month. These classes will include farm and risk management, production and marketing. The four operations we offer are: Aquaculture, Small Flock Poultry, Small Ruminant and Vegetable Production.

Phase Two – Hands-On Learning
The second phase will provide participants with critical farming events experience in each enterprise through hands-on activities. These activities will take place throughout the year on the DSU Farm School demonstrations sites at the DSU outreach centers.

Phase Three – Mentorship
During the third phase, a DSU Extension specialist will continue to provide technical assistance to all DSU Farm School participants on their own land for one year.

Next Class Starts Nov. 16, 2016

To register or get more information contact:
John Clendaniel,,
(302) 857-6425