WCU Subscription Options for 2013: Mail, Fax, Email or Text

We hope that this first issue of Weekly Crop Update for 2013 will help you get your growing season off to a good start. The next WCU for 2013 will be issued on April 5. The WCU will then be posted on the web, and sent to mail and fax subscribers by 4:30 p.m. each Friday until September 27. The cost of mail or fax subscription is $40. You can subscribe by returning the form at the back of this issue. The WCU is also available for free online as a printable PDF or blog format at a new website: http://extension.udel.edu/weeklycropupdate/ .

For those of you who access the newsletter via the internet we offer to send a weekly email reminder which will let you know when the WCU has been posted online, provide a link directly to the current issue, and give you a taste of the headlines. If you would like to receive the email reminder or if you experience problems during the season with the online WCU please contact me at emmalea@udel.edu or (302)-856-7303.

I will also send out a text message each week when a new issue is posted. The message will be brief, and the text message distribution list will not be used for other announcements except those of an urgent nature (i.e. pest or disease alerts). If you would like to receive the text reminder please send your name, number and cell phone carrier to me at the above email address or send a message to 302-233-4719.

Emmalea Ernest