DDA Cost-Share for Poultry House Removal

The Delaware Department of Agriculture (DDA) is accepting applications through May 1, 2023, for a new Poultry House Demolition Assistance Program announced March 28, 2023. The program provides cost-share assistance to remove old poultry houses past their useful life.

DDA will reimburse the poultry house owner 50% of the actual costs for remediation, up to a maximum of $10,000 per house. Prior to approval, DDA Nutrient Management staff will perform a site visit to verify houses to be removed and discuss the need to manage residual litter or nutrients. Funding will be reserved for approved applications to give applicants time to complete the removals.

“Many poultry houses across Delaware have reached the end of their productive life-span and have been abandoned as producers have upgraded to more environmentally friendly poultry houses,” said Secretary of Agriculture Michael T. Scuse. “Our goal by offsetting the costs to remove these houses is to assist producers in lessening their environmental impact and enhance our rural landscape.”

According to research by the University of Delaware’s Cooperative Extension, the soil under a poultry house can accumulate mineral nutrients through the diffusion of the ammonia component of manure over 30 to 50 years. Once the roof deteriorates, rainwater can enter the house, which can cause the excess nutrients to leach into the groundwater.

Landowners who wish to apply for the Poultry House Demolition Assistance Program can download an application at https://agriculture.delaware.gov/grants-loans. Applications can be emailed to nutrient.management@delaware.gov, mailed to DDA, or faxed to (302) 697-6287. Anyone receiving funding from the Delaware Department of Agriculture must complete a W-9 form online before approval.

Poultry house remediation cost-share is also available through programs such as NRCS-EQIP. Cost-share through the DDA program may be combined with other programs to help the landowner to reduce costs further, but DDA will not reimburse expenses that have or will be covered by another source. The applicant is responsible for meeting the requirements of any other cost-share program used.