Technical Assistance and Financial Assistance for Farm Energy Projects

Energize Delaware Farms is funded by the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (DELSEU) and currently offers cost shares for two different types of audits for all farm operations, comprehensive and targeted, along with several different loans and grants for installing renewable energy or energy efficiency measures.

The comprehensive audit will analyze the energy usage at your entire operation to assess for all possible energy efficiency improvements, while the technical assistance report will assess for up to two measures at your farm to see if the equipment of interest meets payback.

Energize Delaware Solar Program Flyer

Energize Delaware Farm Energy Technical Assistance Flyer

In addition to the comprehensive and technical assistance reports, Energize Delaware Farms is now offering a comprehensive irrigation pre- and post-evaluation for farmers through the Sustainable Water Energy Efficiency Program (SWEEP).

Energize Delaware Sustainable Water Energy Efficiency Program Flyer

Recommendations mentioned in audits completed through Energize Delaware Farms or by other energy consulting firms may be eligible for grants or loans of up to 50% of the equipment’s cost. In addition, farmers can combine incentives through Energize Delaware Farms with NRCS’ EQIP and USDA REAP to help reduce out-of-pocket costs.

For additional information go to: or call (800) 732-1399