Consider Spraying Small Grain Herbicides Earlier Than Usual

Mark VanGessel, Extension Weed Specialist;

The winter has been very warm and our winter annual weeds have had a chance to grow over most of this time so they are larger than normal at this time of year. If your small grains were not sprayed in the fall, I would suggest you consider spraying small grains as soon as the fields dry out. Delaying your herbicide application means the weeds will be larger (and harder to control) and small grains are likely to intercept more of the herbicide spray, further compromising control.

Harmony Extra has been the standard small grain herbicides for years and has performed well in most situations. But, with the development of herbicide-resistant chickweed and horseweed, and the increase of speedwell species, we have found tankmixing Harmony Extra with Starane Ultra or Quelex has broaden the spectrum of control and improved the control of larger plants. Refer to the labels for rotational issues and nitrogen restrictions.