WCU Issue 26:11 – June 8, 2018

PDF Version of Issue 26:17 – June 8, 2018

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Vegetable Crops
Vegetable Insect Update – June 8, 2018
Foliar Fertilization of Vegetable Crops Revisited
Revisiting Rainshelters for Vegetable and Fruit Production
Seldom Seen Tomato Disease Found in High Tunnel
Vegetable Disease Update – June 8, 2018
Be Alert for Late Blight Showing Up on Tomatoes

Agronomic Crops
Agronomic Insect Update – June 8, 2018
Delaware Has Seen Variable Rainfall
Tackling the Nitrogen Dilemma in Corn
No-Till Soybeans Treated with Early Burndown Herbicides
Considerations for Postemergence Corn Herbicides
Considerations for Postemergence Herbicides and Planting Cover Crops this Fall

Keep an Eye Out for Green Stink Bugs
Guess the Pest! Week #10 Answer: Stagonospora nodorum Leaf Blight and Glume Blotch
Guess the Pest! Week #11
Loss Adjustment Procedures for Fumonisin
Provide Comment on Extension Plant Pathologist Candidates
Tell Delaware Cooperative Extension What Matters to You!

Poultry Grower Basics: Neighbor Relations, BMPs and Warm Weather Ventilation – June 11, Georgetown
Horticulture Short Courses – June 20 Newark
UD Weed Science Field DayUPDATED June 20, Georgetown
Blueberry Experimental Plot Tour – June 26, Georgetown
Farmer’s Field Day at LESREC – June 27, Salisbury, MD
2018 National Ginger & Turmeric Conference – Oct 17-19, Richmond, VA
Upcoming Women in Ag Webinars