Tell Delaware Cooperative Extension What Matters to You!

Jennifer Volk, Associate Director of Cooperative Extension, Kent County Cooperative Extension Director and Extension Environmental Quality and Management Specialist;

Cooperative Extension programs at both the University of Delaware (UD) and Delaware State University (DSU) are committed to providing quality services for members of our community. This is why we’re asking for your help in letting us know how we can better serve your needs. Your responses to this survey will help us develop new programs and resources that better meet the educational needs of those living, working, and recreating in Delaware.

This survey is open to all individuals who are at least 13 years old and have opinions about issues, problems, or concerns facing people, families and communities in Delaware. It is estimated that the survey will take 10 minutes or less to complete. The survey is confidential and does not contain questions that can be used to personally identify you. Only summarized results will be released. Participation in this survey is completely voluntary, and you may choose to skip any questions you do not feel comfortable answering. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Jennifer Volk, University of Delaware Cooperative Extension Associate Director, at or call 302-730-4000.

By continuing with this survey, you indicate that you are at least 13 years of age; you have read this information or have had it read to you; your questions have been answered to your satisfaction; and you voluntarily agree to participate in this research study.

After completing the survey, please consider forwarding a link to the survey to one or more people you know in or near Delaware who might be interested in participating, irrespective of whether or not they have had any previous contact or involvement with Cooperative Extension. This will help us maximize the information we receive to better plan future services.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this survey.

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