Recruiting for Class V of LEADelaware!

Jennifer Volk, Extension Environmental Quality and Management Specialist;

Because there are many issues – economic, social, and environmental – facing agriculture related industries, there is a need for experienced and trained advocates that can provide a voice and direction for the future. LEADelaware provides that training. LEADelaware is an agriculture and natural resources leadership program designed to help build the next generation of leaders within the food and fiber industries, which influence our food system, our economy, and our environment. The program takes a group of emerging leaders through a series of sessions offered over a two-year period to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to lead. These leadership sessions are placed in context of current issues and problems facing the state with regards to agriculture and natural resources.

We are currently seeking applicants for Class V, which will begin in January 2018. Applicants should have a demonstrated interest in developing their leadership abilities and a commitment to agriculture and/or natural resource based industries in Delaware. Visit the LEADelaware website ( to learn more about the program and Class V schedule, review the complete list of eligibility and selection requirements, and download application materials, which are due October 27, 2017.

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