About LEADelaware

LEADelaware is an agriculture and natural resources leadership program designed to help build the next
generation of leaders within the food and fiber industries. Program Fellows will be better equipped to
understand and address challenges related to the local, regional, and global food system, economy, and

Producers face greater risk, changing markets, a global economy, new technologies and pressures from development. Producers also find themselves stewards of their own environmental resources as well as those surrounding their operations. The need for leadership within the agricultural and natural resources sectors is essential.

Leadership is critical in any industry, enhancing resilience and adaptability. Leaders in the agriculture and natural resources sectors have the capacity to actively address political, social, and economic challenges that threaten the industry on a day-to-day basis. Agriculture and related industries have advanced with new technologies and production strategies, requiring experienced and trained advocates to provide a voice and direction for the future and furthermore engage and educate the public and policy makers about the significance and value of agriculture and natural resources.

In the LEADelaware framework, Program Directors and Curriculum Committee members invest in emerging leaders through a hands- on, class and tour based approach. Fellows learn the science and technical aspects of various industry topics; interact with industry professionals to share knowledge and experiences; develop leadership skills and engage in team building exercises.  Fellows will be provided insights into social, political, and economic issues facing the food, fiber, and natural resources systems.  Fellows will gain an understanding of the public policy process and facilitation skills to prepare them as emerging leaders.

LEADelaware classes take participants through a two-year program that will:

  • Provide an atmosphere of individual and group learning and growth
  • Build leadership skills and capacity of the participants
  • Provide opportunities for participants to practice these skills within the program
  • Facilitate this learning in the context of current agriculture and natural resource issues facing the state, country, and world

Who should participate?

  • Producers
  • Agri-business professionals
  • Financial loan officers
  • Extension educators
  • Rural leaders with an interest and stake in the food and fiber systems
  • Agricultural education teachers
  • Natural resource and environmental professionals


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2 thoughts on “About LEADelaware

  1. I love this program about leadership and preparing the next generation leaders! This will surely help a lot of people who are willing to engage in agriculture especially the youths. I also love the idea on what you guys are up to, in terms in helping them build and handle things for the improvement of agriculture. Great work to all of you! God bless you all!

    Fervil – Precision Hawk

  2. WE GIVE OUT LOAN $1,000 to $500,000. 💵……………………………

    Ryan Boyd, Manager


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