Mark Lynas~ GMO

Mark Lynas is an environmental expert, and he had given a speech at the Oxford Farming Conference on genetic modification of crops. Mr. Lynas discovered the science in which helped him become a better environmentalist. He had wrote his first book mainly on climate change. He found that as he dug deeper into his research he was finding his assumptions were wrong, he assumed GM was dangerous; he found that it was safer and more precise. GM is just moves a couple of genes where as conventional works in a trial and error way. Different critics pushed Lynas`s writing on the topic of GMO`s. GMO crops do not require/ need as many pesticides and tend to be more successful in hot and or dry environments. He stated that producers must identify challenges and adapt to them by working with GM technology. GMO crops help in protecting the environment by being able to produce an enormous amount of product with less land. Lynas finds that if we don’t continue to use GMO`s the world will more then likely run out of food because organic farmers won’t be able to keep up with certain demands of crops needed to be produced. Though GMO`s are making the yields much higher which provide minimal work area due to the increase of population. This video helped me understand GMO`s more clearly and understand that GMO`s are not bad for you.

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