Delaware’s Green Industry

When I go to pick out plants and shrubbery for my house, I never think about how it is set up in the nursery I go to or how it got there. I also don’t take into account how the business marketed people like me to encourage business. In listening to Tracy Wootten and Valann Budischak break down the industry was an eye opening experience. In talking about the different types of crops, floriculture and nursery, gave me a breakdown of what is housed where and why. Floriculture crops are those that are bedding and garden plants; those of cultivated greens, cut flower, potted plants and so forth. Nursery crops are those in which are broadleaf evergreens, shade trees, flowering trees and many others. To even think about having a job of deciphering these plants and finding the best homes for them not only has to be difficult, but also seems very rewarding. They also talked about the different ways businesses put themselves out there. It may be through posters and signs or events based around a certain age group. The main goal of these businesses are to expose as many people to the wonderful Delaware green industry. In hearing about all the work that goes into keeping our roadsides trimmed and beautiful is just one more example of the hard work that Tracy, Valann, and so many others put into their jobs in order to keep Delaware beautiful and appealing to its visitors.

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