Delaware’s Green Industry

When I hear the words “Green Industry” my mind naturally goes to flowers and plants.  These two general categories, however, only scratch the surface of what the Green Industry entails.  From horticulture to landscaping to golf courses, Delaware’s Green Industry was responsible for $21,744,000 of sales in 2014.  It has a huge impact on the economy and plays a vital role in agriculture in general. The Green Industry breaks down into many categories and subcategories, including two specific crop groups: Floriculture crops and Nursery crops.  Floriculture crops are your general garden/bedding plants, flowers, potted plants, and foliage: the pretty stuff. Nursery crops include trees, shrubs and other ornamental plants for home use. There are so many job opportunities within this industry, and the revenue is far more than one may guess.  From small, locally owned greenhouses and landscaping companies, to economic giants such as Lowes and Home Depot, the economic impact is unreal. Tracy and Valann’s lecture threw so much new, valuable information at me that I had a hard time retaining all of it; it was a super education and eye-opening lecture that I enjoyed learning about.

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