Poultry Farm Field Trip

Even though I was unable to attend the field trip to Georgie’s Poultry farm, I still learned some interesting statistics and information after discussion about the field trip.  Most important to remember is that all of the chickens were a hundred percent steroid and hormone free. She had about 37,000 organic broiler chickens per house, which is a surprising number, because I would not expect that many chickens would be able to live in one house.  Georgie recommended that someone who wanted to enter the poultry industry should take a business class so they are better prepared for that part of the industry. I think the most surprising thing for me, without actually having been to the farm, is the level of technology associated with her farm.  The amount of money she has invested into technological advancements shows how expensive, but also how profitable farming can be. It also highlights the fact that there is a wide array of jobs associated with the agriculture community.

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