Delaware Foodshed by Ed Kee

To think that this small state, composed of three counties, has the potential to feed so many states, cities, towns, and people, is not easy to wrap my head around. In listening to Ed Kee, I realized how important farming was in Delaware. It fascinated me to learn that things grown and produced in Delaware does not only ship nationally but globally. Imagining produce grown locally being distributed all around the world is mind boggling. To learn that this all began with man made labor in the 1900’s was humbling, especially hearing how every basket of produce was handled at least 10-15 times before it was delivered to where it would be sold. In hearing about all the produce sold followed by the booming chicken business, which 500 farmers picked up by the year 1940, humbled me to understand how those before me lived. To know that generations before me farmed and sold everything by hand grounds me and allows me to be very thankful for the evolution of the farming industry. With the help of Ed Kee, showing me that Delaware is a wonderful place to call home, gave me the insight to see Delaware is often underestimated, but is a state and foodshed that feeds the world.

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