Ed Kee

On Monday, our guest speaker was Ed Kee. He talked about agriculture as an industry. Some things he focused on was the railroad system and boats and how the produce got from the farm to the stores back in the 1800’s. Also during that time canning goods was invented by Louis Pasteur so that we could store fruits and vegetables year round. But some challenges that farmers still face today is how to keep and make the produce that they’re selling profitable while maintaining and regulating the environment. Farmers are trying to clean up the environment while bettering the use of technology within the industry. They are creating new management practices such as pest and weed control, minimum tillage, and irrigation. Ed Kee mentioned something that intrigued me was the Mitchell Family (who owns Woodside Dairy in Delaware) is creating a robotic milking machine. This machine will not only let the cow get milked whenever it wants to but also tell the farmer how much milk the cow is producing each time it gets milked. I also enjoyed listening about the AgLand Preservation Program and how it permanently preserves farmland. In Delaware, there is approximately 110,000 acres or 20% saved land for farming.

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