Mark Lynas Oxford Farming Conference

After watching the video of Mark Lynas at the 2013 Oxford Farming Conference, I have more hope in education than I had before. Mark Lynas is a prime example of someone who was anti-GMO and anti-Science. He was against technology that he did not understand, and used misconceptions and fear to alter peoples perspectives of a technology that was supposed to help save the world’s declining agriculture. Due to climate change, increasing population, and declining soil nutrition, Agriculture faces more challenges than ever before. Mark Lynas was again against GMO’s because of his lack of understanding of them. Through education he was able to deepen his understanding of how GMO’s work, and how they effect the world. I think that now more than ever, he is an incredibly powerful and influential position in the environmental and agricultural world. He was anti-science himself, and through education he was able to stand up for what was right. I think that he is able to reach out to more people, and change peoples’ minds about GMOs because he was once a non-believer. I think that he will bring a down to earth perspective, and will be able to relate to people who are still against this technology. He had an incredibly grounded reason of why he changed his mind from anti to pro. He read peer-reviewed papers, and read articles, and did research, and he attended appropriate conferences. Through this education and new-found knowledge he  was able to support a technology that is helping to save the world. GMO’s are creating plants that are stronger against environmental stresses such as pests, and hot weather, and they are also creating plants that are richer in nutrients and helping humans stay healthy. I commend Mark Lynas for his research and his search for the truth!

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