Mark Lynas speech

When first hearing about GMO’s in high school i was totally opposed to them as well as the company monsanto, but after hearing Mark Lynas talk about the good outcomes of GMO’s , i was able to see a whole new perspective on GMO;s. In order for the world to survive and move forward, by 2050 were gonna have to increase our food % by 70% and a sufficient way to accomplish that is through GMO’s. Mark Lynas stated that, GMO;s are needed because the world will be harmed due to the shortage of food, but not by the use of GMO’s. Lynas also explained in his speech that GMO’s aren’t as harmful as the public perceive them to be.  With people assuming that the use of organic food are healthier, well lynas disagreed, stating that 53 people died and 3500 suffered kidney failure through the use of organi foods. Another great example Lynas used in his speech was that GMO’s are illegal in Kenya and can result in jail time if people were to use them, but would help the field yields allowing better results for farmers and offering more nutrition, which the country could greatly use. In conclusion i could not agree more with LYnas’s statements and points drawn attention to and will now be abel to look at GMO’s lot differently.

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