Field Trip to Georgie’s Poultry Farm

 Georgie Cartanza’s poultry farm was a such a great experience for my classmates and I. We couldn’t have picked a better day to learn and explore her 4 chicken houses. I have been in a big chicken house like the one we saw on Saturday just one other time, but to see another one like it with over 37,000 chickens in one house was incredible.  Georgie told us some interesting facts like how she produces over 5 million pounds of chicken per year to letting us know that she makes money off of her chicken’s manure. One other piece of information that I took from Georgie’s presentation on Saturday was how you get what you give. She talked about how whenever you get the chance, you should help out someone that needs it because one day, when you may need that help, those people that you gave to, will give back. Thanks Georgie for an awesome day on your farm and educating us more on the poultry world!

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