This morning, multiple people are reporting getting this phishing scam aimed at the University of Delaware community:

Phish with subject line "University of Delaware Security Update"

Phish with subject line “University of Delaware Security Update”

If you see this message, just delete it.

If you spend just a few seconds examining this message, you should be able to tell it’s a scam:

  • Why would someone at the Chicago Public Schools ( be sending you an alert about UD information security?
  • UD staff are not perfect, but I hope that we write better than the author of this message does. The first paragraph badly paraphrases notes that some email providers do send out, but it really doesn’t make a lot of sense. Further, the last paragraph is an incomplete sentence — what does the scammer want us to do about opting out or changing security notifications?
  • Inspecting the link the scammer wants you to click shows it is NOT taking you to a link.

The message follows the familiar pattern of trying to shock you so that you react without thinking. Always be suspicious of unexpected links and attachments when included in an email message. As always,

Think B4 U Click!