A couple of people reported receiving this phishing scam this afternoon:

Phishing scam screenshot

This phishing scam is pretty obvious. Don’t click the link!

  • There are so many non-standard uses of English here that it should be easy for you to identify it as a phish. Our favorites are
    • “mails” (“Email/emails” is growing in acceptance in American English. But not “mails” [plural].)
    • “Thanks for your,
      co-operation” (Love the punctuation and the line break.) and
    • “Udel” (UDel is the correct capitalization.).
  • Why is someone from ryerson.ca sending you email about your UDel account?
  • Did you inspect the link? If it were a legitimate message, the link would have begun www.udel.edu, www1.udel.edu, or something like that.
  • And as we’ve written here before, no reputable organization will ask you to click a link to verify your email or your account.

See this message? Just delete it.

Think B4 U Click!