Several people reported seeing this scam in their UD email last week:


Always inspect the links on emails before you click! If you look at the screenshot, you’ll see that the link goes to a UK site, which is not something the University would ever use! Click to see larger image.

This message is not an official email from UD IT. UD only uses the Sakai and Canvas learning management systems, not Blackboard. Many other universities use Blackboard, so the scammer took a guess that we used it too.

If you look at the screenshot above, you’ll see that the link in the message goes to a UK site, not Why would UD ever send an email with link to a non-University site for a message, much less one out of the country?

This message also lacks the language and formatting of legitimate University messages. For example, UD never says “Dear user,” and no department at the University calls itself “University of Delaware Admin,” and the period in the signature is non-standard.

If you received this email, do not click on the link! A scammer is trying to trick you into giving up your login information. Just delete the message.

Think before you click!