A phishing email came in earlier today with an attachment that is trying to get UD’s Human Resource department’s banking information.

You should not open attachments from emails that you do not recognize or that come from phishy-looking emails.

This particular email came with the following attachment:














You will notice right away a few typos including “413 Academy St RM SUITE 15″ and non-standard phrasing like “Please allow this letter to confirm…”

The document also mentions two “known” entities including UPS and University of Delaware HR and that UD HR “owes” an unspecified amount of money. Whoever is sending this message is assuming that you have access to UD HR’s account information and that you would be authorized to submit a payment.

While the rest of the document looks fairly legitimate, it is unusual. If you have any questions about the legitimacy of a document, especially one asking for a bank name, routing number, and/or account number, contact the institution via a known phone number or email address.