Today is the first day of National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2015, and we have a phishing scam to warn you about.

Some people have received an email that someone has shared a “secured file via Google Drive” with them. It’s a scam. Look at this screenshot:
Secured File scam
Questions to ask yourself if you see email like this:

  1. Who’s Rob and why is he sending me a file out of the blue?
  2. What went wrong with the logo for Google Drive?
  3. Where does the link to “open” the file lead?

If you inspect the link to which the Open button leads you, you’d know right away that this is a bogus email:
Bogus link
Doesn’t look like a link to a Google Drive document, does it?

This scammer tried to trick people by saying it’s a secured file. He wants you to think, “If it’s secured, it must be important, so I’ll click!” Don’t fall for it. See this scam, just delete it.

Think B4 U click!