The UD VoIP system has a feature that allows its users to forward voicemails to email. However, before it can be functional, UD staff must personally request this feature be set up by Telephone Services–it is not automatic. If you have not requested this feature be set up, and you receive a voicemail in your inbox, it is a scam.

Scammers are trying to take advantage of this feature and are starting to send malware, disguised as voicemail, to infect your computer.

The same method can get you to reveal personal information. Even if you do not download any files, simply responding to the message with a call or email can reveal enough information to scam you.

Here are some things to look out for when you have a voicemail in your inbox:

  • You need to sign up for this feature. If you did not ask for this feature and received voicemails in your inbox, it is a scam.
  • Messages are sent from
  • Unity does not send group messages.
  • Attachments from Unity are .wav files, not .zip files.
  • Be aware of “Unknown Caller.” Usually there will be a name or “wireless caller.”