Earth Perfect? Nature, Utopia and the Garden

Last Thursday Jules Bruck and I conducted a workshop at the Earth Perfect symposium held at the UD.  We had about  30 people crammed into a small room to learn about Livable Ecosystems and Designing for Ecosystem Services.  We talked about incorporating meadows, forests and rain gardens into suburban landscapes to filter water, provide clean air, attract wildlife and provide other ecosystem services that were once provided by vast acres of natural lands that are simply vanishing from the contemporary landscape.  It was a bit of preaching to the choir, but was fun to hear so many enthusiastic ideas about how to combine these concepts with livable planned landscapes in today’s suburbia.  If you are interested in this topic, come see an example of a sustainable suburban landscape on Saturday, June 22.  We will be hosting tours of our Applecross Sustainable Landscape Project between 9 and 11 AM.  The address is 301 N. Ashview Drive, Wilmington.  It is located off Route 100 near Montchanin.