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October 21 – Webinar: Meadows – If You Build It They Will Come Presented by Pennington Marchael,  2:00 pm EDT – 1:00 pm EDT. Join ELA for an overview of meadow creation and design. Then explore the biodiversity that results from putting back what nature intended. This presentation offers a glimpse into the rich species diversity that comes from establishing a meadow and making the right choices from design through maintenance. Plant communities that dominate the natural ecosystems will be a focus. Read more and register.

October 22 – November 12 – Grow Your Business by Providing Natural Area Management Services to Small-Acreage Clients, 4 webinar series Oct 22-Nov 12, $35. The Woods in Your Backyard Partnership created a program for Green Industry professionals to gain knowledge and skills useful for providing additional services to clientele. Small scale natural area management services include wildlife habitat enhancement, forestry practices such as chose tree management, tree planting, and invasive control.

October 28 – Virtual Conference:2020 Season’s End Summit Featuring National Native Plant Expert, Neil Diboll, 9:30 am EDT – 4:30 pm EDT.  Early registration discount through 9/28/20. As we approach the end of the 2020 landscape season, we reflect upon many highs and lows. The intense weather events, a worldwide pandemic, and the long-overdue scrutiny of social injustice could not deter the one dependable constant, the tenacity of nature to carry on. Through it all, it was the re-greening of the landscape around us that brightened our days and gave us reason to hope. As landcare professionals, we may not have the tools to heal our medical or societal ills, but we can focus on healing the earth that we are stewarding, one landscape at a time. Join us at this year’s Season’s End Summit for refreshing perspectives and inspiring discussions of the healing landscape tools that empower us to find solutions as we look ahead to future seasons of stewardship. Read more and register.

October 30 – The Certified Nursery Professional Exam will be administered at the DE Department of Agriculture beginning promptly at 8:30 am. Test is limited to six participants. Masks must be worn at all times. For exam application and study guide contact DNLA (888) 448-1203 or

November 3 – 5 – 2020 American Hort Disease, Insect and Growth Regulators conference, virtual. They’ll have multiple tracks and will cover everything from biocontrols to IPM strategies and more. They’re offering both live and on-demand sessions. You’ll experience in-depth education on Disease, Insect, and Growth regulator management, meet industry peers, and learn the latest strategies and best practices in pest control, plant health, and PGRs. You’ll walk away with an expanded green industry network and actionable solutions for the challenges you are facing in your operation.

November 12 – Virtual Conference: Regenerative Solutions for Resilient Landscapes Featuring National Author and Thought Leader, Emma Marris, 8:30 am EST – 5:00 pm EST. Early registration discounts through 10/12/20. As we begin to comprehend that future landscapes must be resilient for our survival, meaningful change can occur. We recognize that nature-based landscapes result in properties that are more resilient and capable of surviving climate change. As these challenges occur more often and intensify, solutions must be sought at the community level. Residential landscapes alone will not suffice. Only with widespread adoption of regenerative strategies, and the redesign of failed systems, will communities build resilient landscapes that improve environmental and human health. Join us for this unique opportunity to consider future landscapes and learn the importance of regenerative solutions. Read more and register.Emma Marris sponsored by New Moon Nursery.

November 18, 2020 – Turf and Ornamentals Workshop – 8:30 AM – 12 PM Online

December 4 – Virtual Conference: ELA Ecological Plant Conference 2020, 8:00 am EST – 4:00 pm EST. Early registration discounts through 11/4/20. Now more than ever, our deep relationship with nature renews us and lifts our spirits. On the most basic level, plants nurture our bodies and souls. Plants, however, are more complex than simply food and survival. For millennia, plant-based medicines have been used for healing and time spent in the forest or garden has been recognized for its ability to reduce stress while improving health and well-being. On December 4th, we invite you to spend a day reconnecting with familiar plants, learning new plants, and reconsidering our relationship to plants. Plant experts will invite us to examine different attributes, uses, and values of plants.  Read more and register.

January 4-7Northeast Plant, Pest and Soils Conference, virtually. Title submission is open until October 2, 2020. Sessions will include Lightning Talks (2-minutes, student-judged and regular), Student Presentation (live, general session, judged), and pre-recorded volunteer presentations (12 minutes) in Agronomic Crops; Fruit, Vegetable, and Tree Crops; Turf, Ornamental, and Non-crop; and Weed Biology and Ecology. See the program here.

January 12-14 – Delaware Horticulture Hort Industry Expo – online

Longwood Gardens offers many continuing education classes appropriate for the nursery and landscape industry.  To see their offerings, visit

Mt Cuba Center offers lots of great classes for gardeners and professionals.  To see their offerings visit







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