In the News

Task Objectives & Cultural Engagement Targets: 

  1. To identify significant current events at the host site (Knowledge of the host site)
  2. To relate current events at the host site to course themes or content (Diversity openness)
  3. To reflect on the global context of local events (Cultural engagement)

Task Description: 

Students seek out news items of interest to the host site, and relate them to the focus and themes of the course.

Recommended Procedures: 

  1. Pre-departure discussion. Ask students to investigate one (or more) current events at the host site. If possible, provide students with a list of resources (including local news outlets).  Have small group discussions on these events during an orientation meeting, and ask students to reflect on the significance of those events for the theme or focus of the course.  Inform students that reflection on news items at the host site will be part of the evaluation of the course.
  1. Weekly reports. While on site, students should report regularly (for instance, once a week) on local news items, including analysis that relates those events to particular concepts or themes explored in the course. The type and length of the report (short paper, video clip, oral presentation, performance, etc.) can vary depending the type of course (and on time constraints).
  1. Reflection paper. At the end of the course, students should be asked to write a brief reflection paper (2-3 pages) summarizing what they learned from following news events at the host site, and explaining how this learning has shaped their understanding of the host site, and how it has enhanced their mastery of course content.
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