5. Sample Global Engagement Tasks and Rubrics

The following are sample activities and rubrics that can be easily integrated into existing study abroad courses in order to address UD’s global engagement goals.  Although they are organized by Global Engagement focus, each one can be used to cover all four target areas (cultural engagement, tolerance of ambiguity, knowledge of the host site and diversity openness).

Faculty should keep in mind that these Global Engagement tasks are not set in stone.  They can (and should) be adjusted to fit specific disciplines, and/or particular program needs or constraints.


Possible Global Engagement Focus Examples

1) Cultural engagement


Cultural Blog

Service Record

Cultural Engagement Rubric

General Global Engagement Rubric

2) Tolerance of ambiguity


Cultural Hunt

Language Journal

Tolerance of ambiguity rubric

General Global Engagement Rubric

3) Knowledge of the host site



In the News

Knowledge of the host site rubric

General Global Engagement Rubric

4) Diversity openness


Perceptions of Americans Abroad

Sharing the experience


Diversity openness

General Global Engagement Rubric




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