4. Syllabus Builder

You may develop an initial draft of your Study Abroad course syllabus by using the prompts and checklists provided in the section Essential Syllabus Components. Alternatively,  you may create your document by using the University of Delaware Syllabus Template.

Instructions for using the syllabus template:

  1. Follow the steps provided on the first page of the template to create your own course syllabus as a Google document
  2. Answer the prompts in the template to develop original content for your syllabus
  3. If necessary, modify the template to meet your needs
  4. Delete template instructions and prompts from your document
  5. Publish your syllabus by selecting either File>Download As (which allows you to save your file in a printable format such as MS Word or pdf) or File>Publish to the web (which generates a unique URL which you can post or distribute electronically).


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