Graduate Student

Computer and Information Sciences

University of Delaware

Newark, DE 19711, USA

Email: preethac[AT]udel.edu



I am a PhD student in the department of Computer and Information Sciences at University of Delaware. I am currently working as a Research Assistant in the Software Analysis and Compilation Lab under Dr. Lori Pollock.

My research interest is in improving software engineers’ development environments through mining and text analysis of software artifacts to gain information from other developers’ experiences. I am currently working on mining code examples along with any descriptive text about them from natural language text in software artifacts. Code examples are typically accompanied by descriptions of their functionality, properties, or other associated information expressed in natural language text. This could help in improving integrated development environments by automatically collecting code examples along with associated descriptions, and later used in other tasks such as code recommendation and in auto commenting source code.

Prior to coming for my graduate studies, I worked for 5.5 years in the software industry in India.

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